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  We believe that “specimens mean life.”

Having the largest network in the industry, we provide high quality service in every detail, ranging from specimen receiving to information service.

BML has Japan’s largest nationwide service network to provide prompt and appropriate services. The extensive network, however, is not for high quality services alone. We consider it a tool for gathering information about potential needs and suggestions for further improvement since we believe that communication between people is the most important asset in an environment where advanced technology and creativity are required. Flexible minds and superior mobility along with high quality laboratory tests and medical information systems, and extensive research and development make us your valuable partner.

In collaboration with BML General Laboratory, our regional laboratories provide prompt, appropriate, and high quality laboratory test services.

Our laboratory network is made up of group companies all over Japan, so that BML General Laboratory’s excellent technology can be available to more clients. Standardization of procedures, and uniforming high quality devices and equipment enable us to provide prompt, appropriate, and high quality laboratory test services. Regional laboratories are expanding to provide better services for local clients.

Branch offices
and laboratories
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BML General Laboratory

BML Headquarters

Daiichi Kishimoto Clinical Laboratories, Inc.(Sapporo)

Morioka Clinical
Laboratories, Inc.(Morioka)


Kyodo Igaku Laboratories,

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