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   Everyone wants to be healthy, and medical technology continues to make rapid advances to support and fulfill this desire. Welcomed the aging society in Japan, the demand for improved medical technology is increasing.
   After it establishes, BML during half a century as an all-inclusive laboratory, has been providing a wide range of services such as special laboratory testing and investigative research. Our ambition and commitment to contribute to the progress of medical practice has resulted in BML gaining strong credibility and an excellent reputation.
   At the start of the 21st century, Japan’s industrial structure is drastically changing and new challenges are being addressed. In medical industry, has been globalization and as a turning point. In line with this, demand for the clinical testing industry to provide advanced technology and services is increasing as the spectrum of diseases becomes more diverse and pathological categories become much more diversified.
   BML has been building the largest service, information and laboratory analysis network in the industry based on its long history of expertise and extensive know-how. We are committed to providing clinical testing systems that meet the highest expectations, and accepting the challenge of providing superior service in the field of life sciences. We are also expanding our services in related fields such as food hygiene testing, environmental analysis and genetic analysis.
   In order to participate in and support the current trend of the industrialization of medical information and the development of a networking society, BML is evolving to become “a medical information systems company.”
   It is our aim to contribute to the progress of medical practice. We always accept the challenges of developing new technologies and seeking out new research themes. We are dedicated to progressively providing the best services for people’s health.

Kensuke Kondo

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