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  The fact that we comply with the world’s strictest standards is a source of great confidence.

The unprecedented strictness of BML’s accuracy control system, implemented by both the Quality Assurance Office and the Accuracy Control Section, covers the entire BML organization.

Accuracy Control is the most critical subject for a laboratory testing services provider who receives and tests specimens sent from clients. BML has established an in-house accuracy control department, the Accuracy Control Section, which supervises the entire BML organization. An independent accuracy examination authority, the Quality Assurance Office, which objectively supervises and executes corrections or improvements has also been established.
In addition, BML is inspected biannually by a special committee of the local government. BML also undergoes on-site inspection by the Medical strictest standards in accuracy control.

We obtained approval for ISO 15189, Clinical Laboratories - Special requirements related to quality and capability, and are continuously making efforts to improve quality.

ISO 15189 started to be issued in 2003, as international standards that apply specifically to clinical laboratories, and a pilot review for qualification started in Japan in October 2004. BML agreed with the requirements of this international standard concerning the quality of testing and the capability of maintaining quality, and participated in the pilot review for qualification. BML General Laboratory was judged to have met the international standards for quality and capability of laboratory testing at the time the Japan Accreditation Board for Conformity Assessment started its qualification service. In this way, We have cleared continuous review thereafter and are making efforts to improve quality.

BML is maintaining its qualification of The College of American Pathologists (CAP), an organization with a long history, and is utilizing the CAP Survey Program.

BML General Laboratory acquired certification from the US organization CAP in 1991 and has been evaluated by a third party as having maintained high standards in provision of laboratory testing services. The CAP has a survey program that covers an extensive range of test items and we have been participating in and utilizing this program to maintain and improve our testing accuracy. In the future we intend to utilize this program, in addition to external accuracy control systems, to confirm the quality of our services and to improve the accuracy of our testing.

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