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Electronic Medical Chart System

BML accepts the challenge of electronic medical charts, part of the new medical infrastructure.

Medical Stations (Electronic Medical Chart* System) are important for networking medical information.

The strong movement toward restructuring insurance systems, changing approaches to management based on the Internet, and the revitalization of business systems is about to radically change the existing medical system. Sales management by section, trend analysis and statistical research will be easy and useful in conducting management macro-analysis. Electronic charts are a useful medium for providing informed consent and indispensable tools for the medical systems of the 21st century.

Networks are expanding from closed in-hospital networks to local medical information networks, which will eventually support communities’ total medical care systems.

Electronic medical charts play an important role in medical progress, building a database for sharing medical information. There are numerous ways in which electronic medical charts can contribute to supporting the total medical care system of a community. This is just the beginning of a system of medical innovation that will radically change current medical systems.

*Electronic Medical Chart
In April 1999, Japan’s Ministry of Health and Welfare approved the electronic storage of medical charts. “Medical Stations” (electronic medical charts) have been developed by Merits, Inc., a BML Group Company that specializes in medical information systems.

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