BML’s Clinical Testing Features

Extensive, Advanced Testing Range

We have established a system capable of meeting clinical testing requests from medical institutions nationwide across all clinical testing areas.

Extensive testing range exceeding 4,000 items, from routine to special tests

At BML, we have a system to meet clinical testing requests, from routine tests like biochemical and hematological tests to special tests such as tumor markers, infectious diseases, hormones, cellular immunity, genetics, bacteriology, and more across all clinical testing areas. We currently undertake testing requested from medical institutions nationwide for approximately 300,000 patients per day.

  • Routine testing

    Biochemical tests, hematological tests, etc.

  • Special testing

    Tumor markers, infectious diseases, hormones, cellular immunity, genetics, bacteriological tests, etc.

Advanced and sophisticated special tests

In the area of specialized testing, we introduce numerous new test items annually based on a philosophy of “providing new information previously unavailable through conventional clinical testing.” We have established a system that can meet wide-ranging needs in areas including oncology, infectious diseases, diabetes, hypertension, allergies, genetics, and more.

Especially in the field of genetics, we have introduced next-generation sequencers (NGS). We are working on technology development to meet emerging testing needs using genomic analysis in the areas of infectious diseases, cancer, and hereditary diseases. Going forward, we will continue pursuing active development and automation in specialized areas to provide highly accurate data stably.

Top-class bacteriological testing

Among BML’s numerous test items, our bacteriological test numbers are world-leading, and we have continuously played a pioneering role in various academic societies in this field.

As part of ongoing bacteriological testing automation efforts, BML has introduced an automated system for species identification work previously performed visually and improved accuracy and efficiency with a voice input device for microscopic observation data. Moreover, our expertise cultivated in bacteriological testing has also been applied in areas like food and environmental testing, where our technology has earned high praise.

Lab Automation at BML General Laboratory

Our proprietary “Frontier & Symphony” automation testing system enables rapid, reliable testing.

Faster testing, automation, and improved accuracy and reliability are perpetual goals at BML.

One answer to these challenges is in the “Frontier & Symphony” system at the BML General Laboratory. This is an automated testing system consisting of “Frontier,” which automates pre-testing processes from specimen sorting to dispensing, and “Symphony Chemistry” and “Symphony Hematology,” which automate subsequent testing processes.

“Frontier” automated dispensing system

Links with a barcode system to enable automated sorting/dispensing based on order information.

Barcodes attached to specimens are scanned to retrieve order information instantly. Combining a barcode system, automated transfer system, and automated dispensing system enables automated sorting/dispensing based on order information.

“Symphony Chemistry” and “Symphony Hematology” automated analysis systems

Automating routine biochemical and hematological tests to improve throughput substantially.

  • “Symphony Chemistry” automated biochemical analysis system

    Consisting of multiple analytical instruments and robots, it has vastly improved throughput.

  • “Symphony Hematology” automated hematological analysis system

    With multiple units of various fully automated hematology analyzers, it carries out routine hematological tests in large quantities and at high speed.

Introduction of Freeway Robot transfer system automates specimen transport

We have introduced robotic transfer to supply specimens to and remove them from the “Symphony Chemistry” and “Symphony Hematology” automated analysis systems.

The robots can navigate autonomously without tracks, flexibly transporting analytical specimens to analyzers based on order information.

Nationwide Service Network

Leveraging three networks—laboratories, sales, and systems—BML meets the diverse testing needs of medical institutions nationwide.

Sales network

We provide meticulous service from specimen receiving to information services through the industry’s largest sales network.

BML has over 100 sales offices throughout Japan to provide prompt and accurate services. Around 2,300 dedicated transport staff quickly convey specimens to nearby laboratories, preventing time-dependent changes in data and thoroughly implementing quality/accuracy control.

With foresight and superb execution, our sales team turns coordination with laboratories, systems, and R&D into new services, aiming to become an even better partner for our customers.

Laboratory network

The BML General Laboratory—our central laboratory—and regional laboratories nationwide provide swift, consistent testing services.

We have formed a laboratory network in collaboration with group companies to offer the BML General Laboratory’s top-tier testing technologies to more customers. Standardized procedures and uniform equipment/facilities enable consistent testing anywhere in Japan. We will achieve even more community-based testing services by expanding our regional laboratories.

We also aim for further growth by applying expertise developed in clinical testing to food testing and related businesses.

Systems network

Leveraging over 60 years of medical field knowledge and experience, we provide various system services that support daily medical practice.

BML aims to be a company that supports healthcare in an increasingly information-intensive era. To this end, we provide medical information services through cutting-edge network computing linking the BML General Laboratory, regional laboratories, and sales offices. We also develop and provide an electronic patient chart system and in-hospital laboratory information system, solutions developed to meet the demands of clinics, drawing on BML’s years of experience in the medical field.

Strict management of personal information and information security

As BML handles a lot of important medical information, we strictly manage personal information and information security.

For personal information, we have obtained permission to display the Privacy Mark as proof of establishing a system implementing appropriate information protection measures. The Privacy Mark demonstrates that we meet the requirements of this personal information protection compliance program, under which we manage personal information.

Additionally, for information security, we have acquired ISO 27001 certification, the leading international standard for information security management systems.

Going forward, we will continue implementing appropriate security measures to avoid risks such as tampering, interception, and leakage of important information, ensuring that we deliver safety and peace of mind to customers.

Thorough Quality Control

We rigorously audit and guide all divisions throughout the company with BML’s unique quality assurance system, leveraging our internal auditing department and external accreditation bodies.

Quality in clinical testing requires both accuracy control to ensure the precision and correctness of test measurements and quality assurance of measured values.

BML has obtained certifications, including ISO 15189, and utilizes external audit programs in an effort to improve quality and accuracy. We have also established a Reliability Assurance Department as a quality control auditing department independent of our testing departments to create an exhaustive internal audit system.

  • *ISO 15189: An international standard covering clinical laboratory quality and competence. The BML General Laboratory obtained certification in September 2005.